The Sweet Trouble Band

Es ist offensichtlich, dass “Markus Aerni & Sweet Trouble” etwas Besonderes zu bieten haben – ihre rauchigen, gefühlvollen Klänge sind eine Freude, ihnen zuzuhören. Egal, ob sie ihr eigenes Material oder Coversongs aus dem Great American Songbook spielen, sie fesseln und unterhalten jedes Publikum.

Da das Talent jedes einzelnen Bandmitglieds harmoniert, ist es kein Wunder, dass die Fans von ihrer Musik begeistert sind. Auf der Bühne sind sie ein ganz besonderes Erlebnis, sie kombinieren den Gesang von Markus Aerni und Jsa Strauss mit der atemberaubenden Gitarrenarbeit von Marc Gerber, abgerundet vom Bass-Fundament von Christian Knoll und treibenden Beats von Marc Lobsiger am Schlagzeug.

Verpasse dieses aufregende Musikerlebnis nicht – besuche für die nächsten Konzerte! Und lass dich vom Groove von “Markus Aerni & Sweet Trouble” mitreissen…

It’s clear that “Markus Aerni & Sweet Trouble” have something special to offer – their smoky, soulful sounds are a joy to listen to. Whether they play their own material or cover songs from the Great American Songbook, they captivate and entertain any audience.

With each band member’s talent harmonizing, it’s no wonder fans are so taken with their music. On stage, they are a sight to behold, combining the vocal performances of Markus Aerni and Jsa Strauss with the stunning guitar work of Marc Gerber, rounded out by the bass foundation of Christian Knoll and driving beats of Marc Lobsiger on drums.

Don’t miss this exciting musical experience – visit for upcoming concerts! And get caught up in the groove of “Markus Aerni & Sweet Trouble”…

Markus Aerni
01 / 05
The Band
Markus Aerni
Vocals, Guitars

Ohh that storm wind blows
and all the ghosts in my head are crowin’
hate to say I told you so, but I told you so
"Told you so"

"Rock'n'Roll is never going out of style! And what makes a good band enjoyable? Playing fiery, emotional, beautiful and hard rockin' music. And working with the most enthusiastic, inspired and talented musicians.”
Jsa Strauss
02 / 05
The Band
Jsa Strauss

Got the hips, got the shake
I put the cherry on your chocolate cake
Don't need roses or your pink champagne
I'll be the sugar rush in your veins
"Bad Woman Blues"

Smooth as silk, sweet as honey. When Jsa starts with her power voice and her wonderful vibrato, the place gets quiet. Or loud. In any case, you can never get enough of her....
Marc Gerber
03 / 05
The Band
Marc Gerber

With a million dollar spirit
And an old flattop guitar
They drive to town with all they own
In a hundred dollar car
'Cause one time someone told them
About a friend of a friend they knew
Who owns, you know, a studio on 16th Avenue
"16th Avenue"

Marc is a genuine six-string wizard. The big names all request his guitar services. All he needs is his spanky Tele and his beloved Collings flattop - and he's ready to take off. And he brings the house down.
Christian Knoll
04 / 05
The Band
Christian Knoll

Desperado, oh you ain't gettin' no younger
Your pain and your hunger, they're drivin' you home
And freedom, well that's just some people talkin'
Your prison is walkin' through this world all alone

A man, four or five strings, a steady and consequent hard worker on the groove. The rock solid foundation of a band and actually the most important man in the business!
Marc Lobsiger
05 / 05
The Band
Marc "Lobe" Lobsiger

You better strap on your sharpest spurs
For the ride of your life, cause it's gonna hurt
You can't say you didn't ask for this
It's too late to find somebody's ass to kick
"Never enough"

Those are the words of a fabulous drummer: "As long as I can hold a pair of sticks, I can't retire…" Enough said, let the drums do the talkin'.
Markus Aerni
Jsa Strauss
Marc Gerber
Christian Knoll
Marc Lobsiger
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